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How to get the best EPC possible.

A DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) must follow certain conventions and the Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs) as laid down by their Accreditation Scheme. These are not negotiable and must be followed to the letter.

Basically and assessor can only include in the survey what can be proved, for instance if cavity wall insulation has been added to a property, a photo of the installation bore holes can be taken which is classed as acceptable evidence.

Here are a few ideas on how simple things can help the DEA get the most accurate assessment possible:


  • If a roof void is inaccessible then “as built” will be the default assumption. On older properties especially this can mean a huge loss of “SAP” points.

  • Ensure that there is safe access hatches to all the various roof voids in the property.

  • Ensure that the loft hatch is big enough for the DEA to carry out a “head & shoulders inspection.

  • A DEA is not insured to go clambering about in a loft so they will not be able to “joist hop” or crawl through small openings to access other “extension” lofts.

  • The access hatch must be in a safe location, i.e. not over a stairwell. If the hatch itself looks like it may cause a health & safety issue to the DEA, for instance glass covers in poor condition they will not attempt to open it.

Loft Conversions (Rooms in the Roof)

  • You must be able to prove the conversion date by producing documentary evidence (a Building Control sign off notice is perfect) otherwise the DEA will have to use the same date as the main property.


  • If the property has had double glazing installed post 2002 please produce a copy of the FENSA certificate if the install date cannot be seen on the window frames or the spacer bar of the sealed glazed units.

Solar Photovoltaic

  • Have the MCS certificate handy as proof of the kw/h size of the system

Solar Thermal

  • Have as much detail as possible to hand for the system that is installed.

Cavity Wall Insulation

  • If the bore holes cannot be seen and photographed please provide a copy of the Agrement Board certificate, this will have been provided by the installer.

Insulation fitted to the External Walls Internally.

  • Please provide documentary evidence from the installer as to the type and thickness of the insulation.