How Can Energy Surveys North East Help You?

MEES is coming from April 2018. Are you ready for it? What is it and how can you ensure you comply with the legislation.

Private Rental Sector (PRS) properties must achieve at least an "E" rating when a new tenancy starts or tenancy is renewed.

From April 2020 all PRS properties must achieve a minimum of "E" rating on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Order your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) from me and if the property is less than a "D" rating I will not "lodge" the EPC but will inform you and if you wish I will prepare a report as to the moct cost effective measures that can be taken to attempt to achieve the required result. After these measures are completed I will return to the property and "re-do" the EPC taking photographic evidence to support my findings.

Obviously there will have to be charges in addition to my normal fees as two visits to the property will be required and there is additional time spent performing the calculations to RdSAP to find the "required measures"

If I cannot find a way to achieve a minimum of an "E" rating then my standard charges will apply.

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