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 Domestic Energy Performance Certificates.

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So now that you’ve paid for your EPC what happens next? Well first of all, don’t worry about it, I’ve been working as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) since the inception of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in 2007, so I doubt there’ll be anything that I haven’t seen or problem I’ve had to solve when it comes to surveying your property!!

Once I have received your order I will contact you by phone, usually within 24 hours (normally much quicker than that), to arrange a suitable time to call round to conduct the survey.

I pride myself on being punctual so I am usually on time but if for some reason I am running late (or even early), I will try to contact you to let you know.

I conduct the surveys on a tablet computer as I find this to be the most efficient method as all the detail and photos are stored on-site and normally the EPC can be formatted and lodged on the Landmark Register before I leave your home. Don’t worry about the photos as these are for my accreditation schemes (all DEAs must be accredited with an approved scheme by law) quality control/audit process. DEAs are required to be able to prove what they have seen by photographs or certification. This is a list of the minimum evidence requirements:


•Any feature of the building whose presence or absence may be reasonably considered to affect the SAP rating

•Any feature which supports a claim in the report that could be queried or be the subject of a complaint

•External views showing front, rear and side elevations for detached, semi-detached or end terrace.

•Openings – windows, chimneys etc (if previous photographs don’t provide sufficient evidence)

•Primary Heating System (e.g. boiler showing any associated key features such as a condensate pipe or label indicating the boiler model)

•Heating System control system – Programmer, Room Thermostat, TRVs etc

•Secondary Heating System

•Hot water cylinder and thermostat

•Electricity and gas meters

•LPG Cylinder

•Fixed Low energy light fittings

•Evidence of wall thickness

•Cavity Wall Insulation – evidence

•Roof construction

•Loft Insulation – photograph which gives evidence of the depth of insulation

•Conservatory – photographic evidence of whether it is separated or not

Essentially what I’ll be looking at is how and when the house and any extensions was constructed, what insulation may be in the walls, floors and roof voids, the age of any double/triple glazing and how it is heated and how the heating system is controlled.

At all time a DEA must follow a set of conventions (rules) which are very comprehensive, as to how an EPC must be produced. These conventions can be viewed here, but be warned they are not an easy read!!

The survey usually takes between one and one and a half hours but please be patient if it takes a little longer as I prefer to be accurate rather than quick!!

At any time during the survey you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

An example of the site notes produced from the survey can be viewed here and an example of the EPC produces from the notes can be viewed here (don’t worry, this is my place).

After the survey is complete your EPC will be emailed to you usually on the same day.

What Happens Next?

The Survey

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